Care Coaching, Support Group Facilitation, Consulting 
Assisted Living Placement and Educational Training for Elders, 
their Families and Professionals

Why Aloha?
When it comes to aging, it is all in the attitude! The one thing all of us experience throughout our lives is the process of aging. At “Aloha To Senior Solutions” we feel choosing to have the “Aloha Spirit” towards this inevitable part of our lives creates the opportunity for a healthier mind and body.  Allowing us to assist you through the maze of aging services and care options will allow you to breathe easier as you better understand your role in life and care decisions. 

The meaning of Aloha is often given as “the breath of life”. The word represents a spirit of harmony, affection and mutual respect. These three components we feel are key to a successful working relationship with seniors, their family members and business professionals.

Let us help you to enjoy...A.L.O.H.A. or "A Life Of Healthy Aging"!
Our symbol, the palm tree, grows stronger each time it bends under the pressure of a storm. During these storms, the root system is being strengthened. When the storm is over, the palm tree will once again stand tall, stronger than before. Our palm tree represents the strength and resiliency you will find through our unique services. We address both the needs of the caregiver and care receiver. Our goal is to provide you the tools you need to endure the inevitable storms that can come with caring for an aging loved one and allow you to feel strengthened by your ability to overcome these adversities.
                                                                                                                  We look forward to serving you, Aloha style!